Pain Management Specialists of New York

A small stable medical group in a crowded target market is differentiated by a figure that both humanizes and energizes the brand, while the typography sets a steady, articulate backdrop.


This logo emphasizes the modularity of the FlexCore logo with the “x” formed by two separate pieces that integrate gracefully.

East End Speech Therapy

Location is not a factor in professional excellence, but it does help the individual find the right local practitioner. In a field where one-on-one interaction is critical, accessibility and a sense of community is key.

Resolute Logo System

Resolute Anesthesia and Pain Solutions, LLC is a physician-led organization that includes world class clinicians dedicated to delivering extraordinary patient care. The Resolute brand proudly embodies corporate confidence, clinical excellence and practice management unprecedented in scope and leadership.

Small Wonder Camcorders

There’s a difference between a fleeting trend and a game-changing shift. Especially when creating and positioning a brand for young Internet video publishers. Our logo’s dynamic look and feel leans to the fun of social networking, but respects the basics of sound design. That’s generational thinking.

Rosenberg & Gluck

Inclusiveness, flexibility, professionalism. Impeccable typographic discipline and genuine  interpersonal warmth come together to say it all.

Car Connection 2.0

Safety. Control. Convenience. Car Connection 2.0 brings drivers a host of connected services.