PI-LOP Brochure

Pain Specialists of America needed a marketing tool to generate legal and Personal Injury referrals. This trifold brochure focuses on the client’s meticulous, conscientious documentation techniques. A pocket allows for periodic updates of the Contacts page while preserving the initial print investment.

Resolute Pain Management Brochure

Finding the right balance between active and relaxed, the design challenge runs parallel to that of the patient in the Resolute Pain Management Solutions Consumer brochure.

Rosenberg & Gluck Brochure

Layered paper overlays and selective varnish techniques make this brochure a rich, engaging piece readers can enjoy spending time to peruse.

360 Fly Sales Book

Designed to emphasize the endless horizons of 360° photography, this horizontal book folds out almost to arm’s length.

Car Connection Pro Consumer Brochure

This app-centric approach to OBD connectivity speaks not just to the automotive aspect, but to the driver’s experience in the connected lifestyle.

Singtrix Sales Book

All the elements were there before the Lamiroult team got started—the color, the personalities, the innovative components. A lot to take in. Using black-and-white filters and bolder color blocks, we amplified the strongest brand identifiers and turned down the noise. Less information, more impact.

Car Connection Brochure

To make a new, sophisticated technology easier to understand, this story unfolds gradually starting with minimal information and ending with articulate detail.