Body Cam Display

Trade show graphics for a body cam feature a video capture system that uploads directly to the cloud in real time. This trade show display features a 3D model of the product and an infographic that describes the proprietary chain of custody.

Carlink BT Tower

This standing display presents two intersecting product lines, the familiar Prestige remotes and the new CarlinkBT intelligent technology. Strong contrast makes the images pop while lending a sense of urgency to the singular large words.
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Trade Show Display

With an abundance of remote start and automotive connectivity technologies to choose from, VOXX cuts through the clutter with tightly focused unique selling propositions and bold, upbeat graphics.

Singtrix End Cap Display

This end cap lets the video do the talking, while the bright orange diagonals command immediate attention.

ShutterBall Six Pack POP

This shipper/display maximizes impact while minimizing footprint, all in a compact self-shipper.

Hisense Freezer POP

A small obscure category like a two-zone freezer could get lost in a maze of appliances on display in a large store. This POP system adds color and calls attention to what you could do with a two zone freezer and why it’s significant.