Prestige Remote Start Transmitters

A familiar name in automotive aftermarket gets a fresh face as we introduce the 2016 line of ProCore-compatible transmitters. Metallic ink in a carefully controlled palette gives the packaging a sheen that screams high end automotive technology.

Shutterball Packaging

Allowing bright product colors to speak for themselves was a primary goal of this package. Hitting the right demographic with the lifestyle images was also vitally important.

iPad and Android Tablets Packaging

With accessories the trick is to focus on the usage without putting the product in an overwhelming environment. These sets provide just the right clues, and let the consumer fill in the blanks.

Car Connection 2.0 Box

A host of connected services trimmed down to 3 clear and immediate advantages. This small box looks empowering…without allowing complex feature sets to become overpowering.


Minimizing information overload and maximizing shelf space. That was the goal of this Singtrix product line redesign.