GenCanna Email Campaign

To market a new product line, GenCanna cut through the clutter with creative that refused to be ignored. This email campaign drove traffic to the website where a product catalog was available for immediate download.

Surface Matics Website

Well photographed Industrial imagery has the power to impact the decisions of even the most logical engineers and process managers. Surface Matics was willing to allow the story to speak as loudly as the specs, while still demonstrating a high level of technological expertise.

Jensen Website

For the Jensen demographic, usability on mobile phones is essential. This responsive remake of the Jensen desktop site fills that need.

Wet Technologies

Known for its success in the Aviation field, Wettech executives saw huge potential in other industries. The Lamiroult team helped coax that content out of the minds of the engineers and into organized interactive paths.

Car Connection 2.0 Website

Built fast but made to last. This site upgrade outpaced the product upgrade and is still growing. A clean build with a solid content management system makes this site scalable and responsive, in more ways than meets the eye.

Resolute Website

Three websites, or one? It’s one website encompassing 3 distinctly different experiences, for the corporate, the practitioner and the patient.

East End Speech Website

As educational as it is functional, this site is an SEO powerhouse with a professional yet compassionate mission.

VOXX-Hirschmann Web Site

When VOXX acquired Hirschmann, a single-source OEM mobile electronics supplier, the corporation’s new online presence celebrated innovation with a Global footprint.


Taylor-Mammon Email Campaign

Taylor-Mammon reminds its customer base how to beat the competition at their own game, and snag a greater share of the lucrative sports retail market. With all that opportunity at play, it’s time to tee up and swing.